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Attention And Influence 101: Digital Marketing Strategies That Can Make Your Organization More Powerful Via Internet

Business owners who are determined to push their organizations forward in the online world should know that there are multiple digital marketing strategies that they can deploy to optimize attention and influence in the online world. Here are three of them:

1. Know The Spoken And Unspoken Rules Of Marketing.

If you don’t follow the internet marketing rules and regulations outlined by the existing authorities, you’ll likely find that your organization cannot attain the level of visibility and authority necessary to keep your business on track to perpetual growth. With this reality in mind, make sure that you become increasingly familiar with the spoken and unspoken rules of digital marketing. For example, you’ll want to do all that you can to avoid the practice of cloaking. Cloaking is a practice which involves showing search engines various types of content that the typical visitor wouldn’t see.

2. Move From “I Think” To “I Know” With A/B Testing.

As many digital advertising experts know, ongoing engagement in detail-oriented marketing processes plays a key role in empowering business owners to know what steps they should take for the purpose of optimizing communication with their prospects and customers. Although defined diversely, A/B testing essentially involves creating two web pages (A & B) and subsequently determining which page the audience responds most positively to. There are multiple web page factors that you’ll want to isolate so you can examine how audiences are responding to this unique element. Some of those factors include:

• headline
• form fields
• visual imagery
• overall layout
• call to action

Once you analyze these key elements of a web page, you can decide which components to remove, include or modify to ensure that you can attain the substantive amount of traffic necessary to keep people coming to your website and subsequently making purchases. Although there’s no right or wrong way to get the A/B testing process underway, it’s important to know that there are multiple formats you can refer to in order to get the process going and growing. For example, your A/B testing process might involve utilizing the following steps:

• data collection
• hypothesis generation
• conducting the experiment
• identifying your objectives
• creating variations
• analyzing results

3. Tap Into The Power Of Content Contribution.

As many digital experts already know, consistently producing incredible content is one of the best ways to increase the likelihood that people will want to return to your website again and again. Luckily, there’s no limit when it comes to implementing conventional and cutting edge content creation strategies. In fact, there are thousands and thousands of strategies available to you. The secret to success is figuring out which ones work, consistently implementing them, and regularly analyzing your outcomes so that you can fine-tune your content production efforts in a manner which ensures optimal results. One thing to think about when you begin the content marketing process is the value of having industry experts or notable bloggers contribute their own articles or posts regarding a topic that is pertinent to your field. This process is ultimately a social proof strategy which shows your readers that your brand is credible based on the fact that celebrities, gurus, or other individuals whose voices are considered authoritative are actively engaging your product or service line!

Utilize Offline Growth Strategies

If you become serious and sedulous with the process of growing your brand online, you may forget to continue the important work of facilitating offline growth. Don’t. Instead, remember to keep things like employee retention, radio ads, and networking in mind so that you can attain the optimal levels of profitability and power you’re seeking. In the event that you’re in search of barbed wire manufacturers who will provide your organization with the equipment necessary to keep your business safe and secure, know that the professionals of Bergandi Machinery can assist you.


If you’re serious about cultivating a remarkable, attention-grabbing online presence which can take your conversion rates from unremarkable to impressive, now is the time to begin moving things forward. Three strategies you can utilize to optimize your digital marketing presence so that your brand becomes more visible and appealing online are outlined above. Start using them immediately so your organization can become an increasingly innovative force in the online world!