A Dream Villa in a Dream Location

When my husband and I decided to go to Greece for a vacation, our three children were pretty excited. While we had honeymooned there, they had never been out of the country except to Canada. We usually take them to the beach for our vacation, but they are old enough now to enjoy a trip like this. I looked at to see if I could find a villa that has four bedrooms, because we wanted them to each have their own private bedroom while there. Though we would be busy doing all kinds of things, we would also spend some downtime on our own so we wanted them to have their own space for that.

Our vacations usually last about a week, but we decided to make this a two week one since we were going so far away. We wanted everyone to be able to fully enjoy the trip without any of us having to rush through activities so we could squeeze everything in. The villa I picked is close to three different beaches, with the closest one just a few minutes walk away. We are also close to a couple of towns that we were all excited about exploring.

While there is plenty to do away from the villa, the actual villa is really nice too. There are four bedrooms, and each one has its own private bathroom. That was just a really nice bonus that we all appreciate. The kitchen and living room are both rather large, plus there is a laundry room so we can do our own laundry while there. There is a pergola along with a huge swimming pool that overlooks the beach, and the outdoor area is large too. It really is the perfect villa in the perfect location, and we were so excited to get there and start the vacation of our dreams.