Plaque Awards Type and Crystal Award Plaque

Winning a race or competition and getting a success is something to be celebrated and appreciated. This happy moment is also often a happy day for colleagues who are in the social environment. Happy moments like this have become a habit of giving trophies, trophies, or placards. When it comes to placards, the most talked about is the “Crystal Trophies”. The crystal plaque is a plaque that has a transparent form.

This plaque is considered very special because its transparent shape makes this plaque to look luxurious and also elegant. Especially with the addition of LED or laser lights that can make this plaque look more sparkling. This crystal plaque is often used for conferment ceremonies at an awards ceremony of one’s achievements or atrophy of competition or race and much more. In addition to the crystal plaque, there are more plaques that you need to know, which may inspire you in choosing an attractive crystal plaque from other placard references.

Acrylic plaque

In addition to crystal plaque, the acrylic plaque is also a plaque that is widely used in the race and is used as a trophy of appreciation. Although compared to possible crystal plaque, acrylic plaque still lost an elegant appearance, but these two plaques are very similar. On the acrylic plaque, you can give the writing and also the picture to your liking.

Graffiti plaque

Plaque with a clear shape and also shiny is the type of plaque that much in demand. In addition to crystal plaque and an acrylic plaque, there is also a graphic plaque which is a transparent plaque. Cup or plaque that looks transparent this makes your competition or event look more prestigious.

Metal Plaque

If the transparent plaque is very popular because of its minimalist and elegant look. Then the metal plaque is the reverse. The metal plaque is a plaque that is intentionally made with a unique shape so good shape if used as a hallmark of an event. For example, you can see in the World Olympic trophy. Each uses a trophy and a medal made of metal. This cup makes an event look luxurious and also prestigious. For metal, because it is easy to shape and still looks luxurious according to the metal material, you can request the shape to your liking.

Plaque resin

In addition to metal plaques, the plaque of the resin can also give an elegant feel to your cup. Trophies made of this resin also have a transparent model, when combined with the use of metal will make the resin plaque sparkling and luxurious.