4 Things to Write in Your Personal Business Profile

Business profiles are kind of like resumes, but a little shorter and more personal and passionate. These profiles are often attached to work portfolios that display your career in all its glory. With that said, here are a few things you should definitely remember and jot down in your business profile.

Focus on Relevant Information About Your Profession First

Before you do anything else in your business profiles, focus on your professional experience foremost. Write down what you’ve done, what your business endeavors are, and how you plan to further your professional portfolio. You should have a concise, clear-cut plan that allows profile perusers to get to know your professional side in under 5minutes. Keep it short, succinct, and relevant.

Lead into a Few Personal Details, but Keep It Concise

Your business profile doesn’t have to be all work, but the personal details should be succinct. For instance, you could bullet point a few hobbies and passions, throw in character traits, and add some short details about your home life. Are you family-oriented? What was your college GPA upon graduation? Etc. Those kinds of simple details add depth and personality to your business portfolio.

Leave Behind Communication, Interaction, and Connection

Your aim with a business profile is to connect with a reader. You want to give them the opportunity to get to know you on professional and personal levels. And, most commonly, these people are important to the future of your business and career. So, encourage communication and interaction. Answer questions honestly and freely, explain any portfolio details that might need further information, and feel free to ask questions. The more interest you show in a prospective position, the more likely you’ll be to acquire it.

Strive to be Relatable and Passionate

In business, owners want to hire people that are relatable, communicative, and passionate about what they do. They want someone that has done their company research; someone with a knack for information and a drive to learn and grow within a business. Show that YOU are that person. Pour your professional mind and personal heart into your business portfolio, but really make it shine when you present it to a possible career interviewer.

Good business profiles can move those proverbial mountains towards the success of your career. But bad business profiles can ensure you never get a callback. Strive to be the best by putting yourself—expertise, flaws, and all—on the professional page. To ensure you write your best, use an office’s call in dictation systems to record your business profile verbally before putting it to paper.